ormac was incorporated in Northville, Michigan in January 1966. In the beginning, Normac manufactured twist drills in a converted two car garage. In 1968, Normac introduced an automatic drill point grinder, and within the next year discontinued drill manufacturing and concentrated on machine tool manufacturing. In 1970, Normac introduced an automatic drill clearance grinder and a cone point grinder, following with an automatic drill split point grinder for grinding special aircraft style drill points in 1971. Sales of Normac machines began slowly, but after the first Normac customers reported considerable success with the machines, the word spread through the cutting tool industry, and sales increased fairly quickly. Normac made its first export sale to a customer in Australia in 1970, and export sales soon became an important part of Normac's business.

The Northville, Michigan shop was expanded in 1972 to make room for the growth in machine sales. The growth continued, and because many of Normac's customers were located in the southeastern United States, the administration, sales, engineering, and assembly functions were moved to a rented building in Hendersonville, North Carolina in 1973, while the component parts manufacturing activity continued in Northville, Michigan. Normac introduced an automatic tap chamfer grinder in 1973, its first offering to the tap manufacturing market.

In 1974, Normac developed its first drill flute grinders. These machines proved to be pivotal to Normac's success because these machines gave Normac a complete line of machines for manufacturing drills. Despite firmly established competition in flute grinding machines, Normac's superior design was apparent, and sales for these machines grew rapidly.

As the growth in sales continued and more new models were introduced, the Northville shop was expanded in 1978 and again in 1980. Normac sold the first of its automatic thread grinders and flute grinders for taps in 1981, which gave Normac a complete line offering for manufacturing taps. In 1982, Normac had outgrown the rented building in Hendersonville, and built a new headquarters and plant facility in Arden, North Carolina and moved in at the beginning of 1983.

Normac developed its first computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines in 1983, and introduced a four axis machine for complete manufacturing of end milling cutters and the Formaster CNC grinding wheel profiler for retrofit applications on all types of grinding machines. The Formaster allowed Normac to enter a wider metalworking market and become better known in industry generally.

In 1985, the Northville shop was expanded again to make room for yet more parts manufacturing capacity, and to build and market the Formaster. In 1987, Normac developed its first machine for manufacturing saw blades, an automatic machine for grinding carpenter's saw blades. This was followed in 1991 with an automatic machine for grinding hack saw blades.

In 1991, Normac set up a machining facility in a small building next to the headquarters building in Arden to augment the parts manufacturing activity in Michigan, and to provide a ready source for prototype parts and revised parts. In 1992, Normac introduced an automatic band saw grinder to further the activity in the saw manufacturing market. In 1993, a new universal thread grinder was introduced that was designed for all types of thread grinding work, further diversifying Normac's market. In 1994, the headquarters building was expanded to make room for greater production and parts storage capacity. In 1995, Normac introduced a new combined straight flute and gun nose (spiral point) grinder, an improved version of the automatic band saw grinder, a new machine for automatically grinding jig saw blades, and a larger diameter version of our automatic drill split point grinder. In 1996, we introduced a robotically loaded version of the universal thread grinder to suit medium lot size production. In 1997, Normac further diversified the product offering with the introduction of a multiple operation machine for grinding fuel injector pins, equipped with a Normac developed PC based computer numerical control system. 1998 saw the introduction of a new combined flute and clearance grinding machine for manufacturing twist drills, and in 1999 we introduced a four axis CNC version of our popular drill flute grinders, a retrofit package for adding this capability to earlier Normac flute grinders, and a new CNC wheel profiling machine for trueing and dressing CBN and diamond abrasive grinding wheels that can also be used for grinding plated grinding wheel blanks. To date, Normac has sold over 2000 machines all over the world and has become the world's leading producer of automatic grinding machines for manufacturing cutting tools.

Research and Development

Normac's engineering design team, is constantly developing new machines and methods to exploit grinding technology. Current development projects include a combined drill point and split point grinder, a larger version of our automatic band saw grinder for grinding teeth in bands up to 4" (100 mm) wide, an automatic square grinder for taps, and a premium version of our MX series thread grinders to provide the ultimate in precision and surface finish quality. We have also recently developed software to mathematically calculate the required grinding wheel shape for grinding a given helical flute form, and have updated and improved our spur and helical gear tooth form generation software.

Normac's machine design philosophy insists that the following design criteria be met in all new machine projects:

Customer Service

Because of our excellent parts manufacturing facilities and an extensive parts inventory, Normac routinely provides the majority of spare parts and tooling pieces from stock. We are able to ship urgently needed parts so that our customers, nearly anywhere in the world, can receive them in two days or less.

Our staff of trained service engineers is available whenever and wherever they are needed to provide training or repair service. Our technicians are also available by phone or fax to answer any of your questions relating to the machine operation or service.

Complete training in setup and operation of any Normac machine is available at our plant in North Carolina prior to machine shipment. At Normac, we realize that providing excellent customer service is a key element in the overall value of production machine investments.

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